Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wait and See What God Will Do

“Don’t be nice to me,” she said, “I might cry.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. Tears pricked my eyes.

“You too?” I asked.

I met her eyes. We understood each other.

I played with the nursery baby; she sat in the rocking chair.

We didn’t need a heart-to-heart. Just a few simple words were enough. We knew.

We knew neither of us was alone.

We knew neither of us would judge.

We knew we could be honest.

We knew we could be real.

“Wait and see what God will do.”

Until that moment, I raged against those words. But she said them so…plaintively.

For the first time, those words didn’t sound trite. They were not a mindless platitude. I knew I wasn’t being brushed off. “Oh, just wait to see what God will do. Buck up.”

This was a plea. “God, what will you do? We’re looking to You. We’re grasping for a glimpse of Your glory, Your power, Your mercy in our lives. What will you make of our pain?”

We’re still looking, still waiting. Some days bring hope, some hardship.

But we aren’t waiting alone.