Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Your Story Needed [(in)Real Life Conference]

I have experienced online community like never before in the last year and a half.

After I had my daughter, I joined a Facebook group for my hospital’s Mommy and Me group. A few months after I went back to work, I joined an (in)courage community group for new working moms. Not long ago, a friend invited me to join yet another Facebook group for moms.

I have found wonderful, vibrant community in these groups. My online friendships have seen me through late-night and early-morning nursing sessions, my struggle to find peace as a working mom, and endless fears and insecurities. They’ve given me friendship, hope, and advice on everything from nurturing my marriage to finding a great pair of jeans.

Every so often, I’m able to join my local friends for playdates with our kiddos, but the majority of our interaction takes place online. I absolutely love my online friendships. They have enriched my life immeasurably. But nothing compares to seeing your friends in person. It’s harder to hide behind “I’m fine” when your friend is sitting across from you and can see the lie on your face.

I long for that human connection. As a dear friend says, I need people to be the physical hands and feet of Jesus

That’s where the (in)Real Life conference comes in.

(in)Real Life is an annual conference held by the ministry (in)courage. You don’t have to travel long distances or check bags or make hotel reservations. They bring all the content to you via webcast.

What about the face-to-face part of it? That’s where the local meetups come in. You can watch the webcast with other women in your area. From the (in)Real Lifewebsite:

“(in)RL is the combination of outstanding online content that encourages, moves and inspires women as they watch in the comfort of their own homes and local meet-ups where small becomes the new big and women connect, in person, beyond the comment box.”

Find out more information and register here. Everyone who registers this year will receive free access to the (in)Real Life videos from 2012 and 2013, and as an added bonus, anyone who registers on January 15 will be entered into a drawing for a free ticket to the AllumeConference!

For those who crave community. For those have a story the world needs to hear (that’s you!). For those who need a safe place to be vulnerable and un-fine.

I’m going to be brave and attend (in)Real Life for the first time this year. Join me?